Live painting is a specialty service where an artist reproduces your wedding scene on canvas as the wedding is actually happening. Dope right?! It requires a painter who is extremely fast, makes quick decisions, and is comfortable with a live engaged audience.

Jendayi Maji Berry is a painter and entrepreneur based in Minneapolis, MN who paints your event while guests watch him work. Some of the technical benefits include increased engagement and retention with the guests… but for the bride and groom it’s typically the first image they see of themselves as newlyweds. Priceless!


Music is one of those Universal elements that has such an amazing power to transform us in the blink of an eye.  Our bodies, our mood, our perspective and even our situation.  

Depending on the vessel, music can carry a vibration directly into the heart and onto the canvas.  


Past work: Envision live paint session with Minneapolis emcee Greg Grease & DJ Just Nine on the 1 & 2’s

Envision_greg_15SONY DSCSONY DSC

Heavy bodied acrylic paints bursting with color vibrancy, fluidity, darkness, light and movement come together to manifest the essence and the emotion of your performance.



Graphic recording for the Minneapolis foundation in honor of Philando Castille

An official illustration contractor for, JBA Live has had the pleasure of graphic recording for:

Graphic Recording

Never distracting, always memorable.

You have an event coming up. You don’t know how to make your presentation stand apart. Your audience associates slides with every boring meeting they’ve ever slept through.

We brighten your spotlight!

  1. Graphic recording is live drawing that helps people visualize problems, see connections, retain information, and feel like part of the action. It illustrates and elevates the message.

Graphic recording can transform an event into an experience.

2. Corporate Live Illustration is the visual manifestation of your end-vision. Sometimes visions are delivered in context and other times analogies are used to strike an emotional chord with the audience. Looking to grow your business? Perhaps a garden analogy would fit? Embarking on a journey to explore uncharted territory? Consider the spaceship analogy? Why are we here? What do we hope to accomplish and what does that look like? Once completed, feel free to display your vision in your front lobby as a call to action!

We leave you with clever and aesthetically great images that will become killer visual assets. Use them on your website, in your office, on social media, in print, and wherever else you want your story told.

The finished drawings (whether 4, 10, or 30 feet wide) are true representations of events, but they also distill, clarify, and juxtapose information in productive ways. Help audiences retain what they need to learn. Build the conversation. See your story in a new way. Feel energized?

Western Union – helping the HR department to uncover the WU way across the world.

Ready to book me for your next event?



July 30 & September 24th// Minneapolis Institute of Art & Public Functionary Minneapolis

Click the link to see the video from the show:



Wednesday // June 25th, 2015 @ 7p // Pourhouse Minneapolis


Saturday // May 2, 2015 @ 7 -11p // Orchestra Hall, Downtown Minneapolis


Wednesday // April 29th, 2015 @ 7p // Pourhouse Minneapolis

2 Replies to “LIVE”

  1. Interested in having a graphic recording including historical legacy of our guest of honor. The dedication is on October 14, 2019 from 5 – 8 at the University of Minnesota .

    Please let me know if you are available or interested in this project.

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